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August 6/18

What I love about this track is that the lyrics aren’t nearly as upbeat as the track itself; it’s almost depressing or melancholic. And, I can’t get enough.

July 20/18

“Tomorrow is Leaving” is the second single from Dante Matas‘ latest album A Colorful Headache… Music is clearly Matas’ passion – we like the song for its interesting harmonic changes and upbeat indie-rock sound. Matas sounds like one part The Beatles, one part Sufjan Stevens, and one part Coldplay, but we’ll let you judge for yourself.

May 23/18

Over the past five years of releases, Matas has created a number of varying songs ranging from delicately layered dream pop to more up-tempo, radio friendly ear worms, each demonstrating his admirable skills as a writer, arranger and musician.

May 13/18

Toronto-born Dante Matas has been working since his childhood to perfect his own unique blend of pop and folk, and his efforts have cultivated in his latest LP—A Colourful Headache. A summer 8-track joyride, A Colourful Headache features radio-worthy synth, wholesome folk, dashes of Bowie-esque piano, and summery pop. The result? An LP that not only has something for anyone, but for everyone.

May 11/18

“Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely” by Dante Matas is the kind of song that makes me love music, not because of its happy, summery, drive-down-the-highway-with-the- windows-rolled-down, catchy-sing-in-the-shower-tune kind of sound…although those are all great selling points too. But this song is truly clever. It’s a pop song that employs tone painting, meaning that the musical techniques used reflect an underlying concept in the lyrical message of the song. How cool is that?

April 30/18

I am kicking off this week by speaking with Dante Matas about his latest track, Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely. He talks about his upcoming album, A Colourful Headache (out on 4th May), and the themes that inspired it; when music came into his life; who he ranks as influences.

April 18/18

New song ‘Everything Nearly Feel Apart Completely’ showcases Dante’s new exploration of more psych-pop leaning sounds, expanding on his previous folk-troubadour image...

Q and A with Uk blog Love Music Love Life

June 20/2017

It was a scene in a movie that sparked Dante’s passion for music....

Article and Premiere of Midnight Sun EP at Atwood Magazine

June 1/17


June 1st 2017

Review Fix chats with singer/songwriter Dante Matas, who discusses his new Midnight Sun EP, detailing its creative process, influences and goals.

FASD Campaign Music

February 27, 2014

Love. Hope. Joy. - 2014 Public Awareness Campaign for which Dante provided the music for

Pixelated Nonsense Review

January 7th, 2014

From Grayowl Point:

"Born and raised Torontonian Dante Matas has known music would be a part of his life from the young age of eight. He formed his first band, Reality Control, in high school, and the group’s final album together came out early last year, while Matas is in the midst of embarking on a solo career."

Ryerson University Interview

March 24, 2013

"Matas started playing piano and songwriting at the age of 8. After his Grade 5 Royal Conservatory of Music exams, Matas opted to teach himself piano instead of going through formal training. He is also self-taught in guitar after taking only a few lessons when he was 12 years-old."

Dante Wins Ryerson Battle of the Bands

February 17, 2013

A clip of the interview and the show

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Thought Loops (EP)

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Avoid Discipline (EP)


The Place I Want to Be (EP)

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